Huey’s Diner and Million Dollar Baby

I had to get up a good deal earlier than usual this morning as Dad wanted me at work around nine. Ami rode along so Dad could take her to the airport after dropping me off. There was enough dictation to keep me busy through most of the work day. We had some trouble with the printer so Dad decided to buy another one as they cost about as much as the drum cartridges anyway and he could use the one we have for the east office. However, he returned with a similar model that was just a fax machine and unable to print from a computer so I had to pack it back up after opening it. We left the office around three. Dad dropped me off downtown as I was seeing Melanie for dinner this evening. I was rather early and I had a couple hours to kill. I sat in the Pelican Bar at the Sheraton with orange juice and a bowl of munchies for company. While I was there, I spoke with Khadijah on the phone, who said she and Andrey would be able to join us later for a movie. Melanie arrived on time at five. We walked around the hotel to a little place called Huey’s Diner for dinner. It’s a small, sharp-looking restaurant. We both had hamburgers, neither of us were able to finish them. We left the diner just before six. We had just over an hour before the movie started so we went the lobby in the Wyndam at Canal Place to sit around and talk for a little while before going to the theater. We heard from Khadijah while there. She said she had not yet heard from Andrey and it looked like they wouldn’t be joining us. We left the lobby at twenty to seven to get our seats in the movie. We went to see Million Dollar Baby, an impressive, if somewhat depressing Clint Eastwood movie. After we left the theater, I returned Dad’s phone call. He had come from Tulane’s first baseball game of the season to Canal Place after the movie to pick us up. He was on the second floor looking for a bathroom so he came up to the third to meet us. The one of that floor was locked so we suggested he try the hotel lobby on the 11th floor. We went up with him. While Melanie and I were waiting I realized I left my watch in the theater. Melanie and I went right back to the theater and I retrieved my watch and then went back to meet dad. He was parked right outside the mall. We took Melanie home and then we went home ourselves. We stopped at the grocery store on the way to get milk and toothpaste. Later in the evening I talked to Khadijah on the phone for a while before going to bed around three. I had trouble getting to sleep though as my waterbed had been unplugged and was quite cold throughout the evening.

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