I woke up feeling a bit sickly this morning, likely due to the crappy night’s sleep I had. I wasn’t able to get myself together in time to go with Dad to Tulane’s baseball games today. The house was empty not long after I got up. I watched some TV for a while. Khadijah came by around three. She visited for a couple hours. I made us both some lunch shortly after she arrived. She looked through a box full of old pictures I’d taken. We both played Halo 2 for a little while. We finally heard from Andrey around five. He came by to pick us up after seven to go eat and see a movie. I still wasn’t feeling quite right but I figured I’d be better off out of the house and moving a bit. We went to Chevy’s, which is right in front of The Palace. I wasn’t really hungry but I was convinced it was in my best interest to eat something so I got a plate of quesadillias. I was only able to eat half of it. After dinner we went to the movies. It took a few minutes to decided to see Hitch. We had a bit of a wait before it started seating so we went to the arcade for a little while. We took our seats just a few minutes after they started seating. It was a good things as the theater grew full before the movie started. If nothing else, Hitch was pretty funny, although a bit long. The originality of the premise is also debatable. I can recall no other ‘date doctor’ movie but the ‘cool black guy’ teaches ‘dorky white guy’ has been done more than once. It was certainly enjoyable however, high praise given my disdain for romantic comedies. Andrey took us home after the movie. I was on the computer for a while, catching up on this log before going to bed around three.

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