Endymion and the Associated Party

I wasn’t really sure how I was going to spend my day this morning. Ami arrived from Arizona this morning and I was invited to a party this afternoon. I decided over the course of the afternoon to go to the Endymion hosted by a friend of Melanie’s. Dad dropped me off before 4:30 in the afternoon, just before the parade started. I had considerable trouble reaching the house on City Park Avenue where the party was. It took me well over a half hour to reach the house. There was no answer the first and second times I went, and I wasn’t even sure if anyone was there. Making a cell call was diffucult in the area so I was unsure where she was. By about six o’clock I was pretty pissed, feeling I had wasted my time. I went back to the house a third time and someone finally answered. I pounded on the door this time. Melanie had been there since three o’clock, which wasn’t exactly reassuring. After having a warm place to sit for a while with good company I regained my good mood. It was a nice little party with about 30 people I didn’t know. Apparently Melanie was only acquainted with just a few herself. Later in the evening Melanie, myself and a handful of other guests watched Ghostbusters and later Labyrinth. It was an interesting crowd to watch the movies with as many seemed to know all the lines. Later in the evening, Melanie’ father offered to give me a ride home, which was rather nice. I got back sometime after one and went to bed not long after.

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