Ami and Bacchus

Later in the afternoon after church, I went to meet Ami and Shani in the Quarter, both of whom I hadn’t seen in quite some time. I haven’t seen Ami since she moved to Arizona last August. Dad dropped me off at the ferry landing just before five. I met them in front of Caf Du Monde after getting across. We decided to go eat and walked to the Hard Rock Caf down the street. It was crowded but we were seated promptly. I just had the house cheeseburger and fries. Having eaten we stopped in Walgreen’s briefly so Ami could get something. We then walked across the street to the Virgin Megastore and ended up browsing around in there for a good while. After we left there we weren’t really sure what to do. I suggested we walk to the Pelican Bar at the Sheraton. When we got to Canal St. we saw that the Bacchus parade had not yet passed and decided to wait and see it. We stood on Canal and Magazine for a good while before it arrived. It was more than somewhat cold outside, but not unbearable. The parade did finally arrive perhaps an hour after we took out spots. It was a nice parade, but being at the end of the route meant there were substantial gaps in the procession, which kinda killed the mood in my opinion. When the first float arrived where we were, there was some sort of problem with the tractor that was pulling it. Another tractor arrived and the parade resumed 15 minutes later. That delay didn’t do much for the gaps though, although they grew a bit less significant as the parade progressed. The floats were generous with their throws. I don’t really get into catching things but I caught a healthy number of beads that would have otherwise hit me in the face. I got hit a few times anyway, once in the head with a bag of white ones. After the parade passed I called Dad to meet him at the bar he was at nearby. He was no longer there though, as he went to pickup Jeff. I decided to walk with the girls to Shani’s car, parked on Frenchman St. As we were walking, Dad made his way to Frenchman St. to meet me. We stopped on the way a couple times as Shani ran into people she know. I said goodbye to Ami and Shani when I reached Dad’s car. We went home and arrived around 1 AM. I finished watching Soylent Green and went to bed.

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