Day at Work – Evening with Melanie

I went to work today, slightly earlier than usual but still late by the world’s standards. I took lunch not terribly long after arriving. I got ham and swiss on toast and cheese fries from the deli across the street and ate there, as there was no space to eat at the office. I worked on reports until we left the office around three, after Dad finished getting some mailing ready to go. I went to visit Melanie at her house this afternoon; Dad took me over there after work. Not too long after I arrived, Melanie decided I had to see The Blues Brothers, one of those classics I haven’t got around to yet. Melanie made tacos for dinner after the movie was over. We decided to watch some TV while eating. We decided to watch A Knight’s Tale. It then occurred to Melanie’s sister, Lauren, that they had it on DVD and there was a certain logic to just watching that, so they found the movie and put it in. Melanie and I talked and such for a while after we finished watching the movie. Dad picked me up after eleven. He had Jeff with him, who he had picked up from Aunt Dionne’s. I think I may have continued watching Red Beard after I got home but I’m not entirely sure.

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