The End of Fuses

Today was pretty dull as compared to the last few days. I was home all day as I never really heard from anybody about plans to go anywhere. I heard from Bianca in the early afternoon but nothing materialized so I spent the day at home. The only event of circumstance today was some electrical work being done on the house. We had a fuse box in the back of the house which had been a growing source of problems, none of any real seriousness though. A set of outlets in the kitchen went out yesterday and the fuse was not to blame. An electrician replaced the ailing fuse box with a set of circuit breakers, fixing a few problems and putting an end to the repeated hassle of changing fuses. The process seemed rather quick, the power was shut off in the house for only a couple hours. My parents also got a pretty good deal price wise, in spite of having them come on such short notice, and arguably on a holiday around here. Late in the evening I watched a movie while I folded some socks, which I had washed earlier.

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