Work and Film Noir

I went to work this morning and arrived around 11. I did some work involving filing, but that was about it. Dad took me uptown a short while later for this evening’s class. I got there around three. I sat in the library for a little while and later went to the Boot and got something to eat. I sat around there for a while and then walked to the quad near the Norman Mayer building and took a seat nearby for another short while. While there I briefly spoke with someone who was interested in my laptop. She happened to know a student I knew from working at the book store. This evening’s film class pertained to film noir. After a short discussion, we watched The Maltese Falcon. Dad picked me up in front of the library a short while after class. On the way home we listened to the end of a Tulane basketball game versus Houston. The had held a lead through most of the game but Houston shortened the lead and managed to tie the game with less than a minute remaining. Freshman Taylor Rochestie scored in the final seconds of the game, sealing the win. Rochestie is the same player who won Tulane the game at the buzzer last week versus UAB. This win broke a nine game winning streak for Houston at home. I was in front of the computer later in the evening and talked to Melanie and Ami online for a while before going to bed.

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