More Walking Than Usual

Dad dropped me off at the mall this morning without any remarkable amount of time to spare this morning. Ms. Snell discussed chapter three this morning, which related to marketing ethics. She will finish that chapter on Thursday. After class I walked down to Poydras and Magazine to take a bus uptown. I met Melanie for lunch around 1:30. We walked down to a burger joint whose name escapes me. I do remember the sarcastic item descriptions on the menu though. After lunch I walked with Melanie back to the school and then took a bus back downtown. I got off on Canal St. in front of the Sheraton hotel and went in. I found a comfortable seat in The Pelican Bar and remained there until about 5:00. The hotel has wireless net access so I was able to poke around on the net for a while. I walked back to the mall around five, which took about 20 minutes. We finally made our way to the 1950’s in my history class this evening. After lecturing for a while, the professor showed some short video clips from the 40’s to the 50’s. I took the bus home after class. Later in the evening I started watching Red Beard but I got tired and went to bed long before finishing it.

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