Dinner, Movie, Conversation

Dad and I left the house considerably earlier than usual this morning as he had a doctor appointment this morning. We left the house just after nine to make the 9:40 appointment. He was seen on time. While I waited, I surfed the net using a WAP that was somewhere in the building. He was done about a half hour later, after which Dad took me to the mall for my noon class. I arrived at the mall around 10:30, leaving me 90 minutes to kill. I went to the lab for a little while. I called Ann and we had lunch at 11. I had some pizza and pasta from Sbarro. Ann said she intends to quit her job at the bookstore but I wouldn’t bet the farm. I went up to class after lunch. Ms. Snell covered the rest of chapter three regarding marketing ethics. Class was dismissed around 12:45. Dad picked me up afterward to take me to work. He left shortly after we arrived to go to the east office. I had enough to largely stay occupied until I left around five when dad picked me up. He dropped me off in the quarter as I had a date with Melanie this evening. The rest of my family went out to eat as well this evening as today is Andrew’s birthday. Melanie and I had dinner at the Gumbo Shop. She was just over a half hour late something to do with the cab. I had lots of time to look at the menu. I picked the jambalaya. Melanie picked the same when she arrived. Before that we both had a cup of their chicken andouille gumbo, which I understand is their most popular item. It was good, although hardly legendary. Neither of us was able to finish the jambalaya. After dinner we walked down to Canal Place. We went to see The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. We were a bit early so we went up to the Wyndam’s 11th floor lobby to sit for a little while and wait for seating to start. We got up a little before 7:30 and took our seats in the movie. To say the least, The Life Aquatic is unique in many respects and quite amusing. After the movie ended a little while before ten, we went back up to the lobby to sit down for a bit before going home. We ended up talking for about five hours. At quarter to two we both agreed it was time to go home. We walked down to Canal St. and got cabs home. I didn’t have any cash on me but a driver let me buy gas to pay the fare. I got home around 2:30 and went to bed shortly thereafter.

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