Three Day Weekend

Martin Luther King’s birthday allowed for a three day weekend. I worked for a short while on Friday but I don’t remember accomplishing much. Some friends of mine got into town that night but I didn’t see them. This evening I watched the series premiere of Battlestar Galactica and a new Episode of Enterprise, which returned after a winter hiatus. I had an appointment with an eye doctor on Saturday morning. It was my first time seeing one in a few years. I was told I have a ‘slight excavation of the right eye,’ but the doctor may simply be trying to pay for all that expensive equipment. I was at home all afternoon while my eye dilation returned to normal. Later in the evening I was to see Andrey and Khadijah for the evening but that didn’t work out so well. Kali was in a bad mood and I wasn’t up to dealing with it. We had words while in the Blockbuster trying to rest a video game. I asked Andrey to take me home and he did. That evening I watched O Brother, Where Art Thou, which was funny and enjoyable. Later that night I had a rather unproductive phone conversation with Khadijah.

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