Paul Varisco at the Rock-n-Bowl

After church I did a handful of chores in the afternoon. Dad and I also got a little work done on the car. He took it in for an oil change and checkup. We also replaced the alternator belt, air filter and battery this weekend. This evening, Dad and I went to see Paul Varisco and the Milestones play at the Rock-n-Bowl. This was my second time seeing them here, the last time was in August I believe. Melanie was going to come with us but she had a cold and couldn’t attend. That may have been for the best as it wa rather loud, although the music was good. It was also rather cramped, although that wasn’t much of a problem. We left around nine and went to Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro for some dessert before heading home. I had the banana’s foster cheesecake. This being my third time, I guess I can call it my usual now. After getting home I think I watched a movie but I’m not sure.

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