Intro to Marketing

Shortly after waking up this morning I dropped the PR class and enrolled in Intro to Marketing with Ann Snell, a professor my Dad has had and recommended. I doubt this class will be more valuable but I hope it will be more tolerable. I got dropped off at the mall with plenty of time to spare. I wandered around the mall for a little while before going to the computer lab for a short while before class. I also checked up on the textbook I’d be needing, which I learned is $140 new. Class started promptly at noon. The day’s noted were already on the board. I had my laptop with me today to try my hand at typing my notes. Keeping off with conversation may be troublesome though. I guess time will tell. The class itself seemed nice, given my disinterest in the subject matter. This professor seems to have a bit of a fan club, as many of the students had taken her classes more than once. Ms. Snell gave a short lecture introducing marketing. Class was dismissed early at about 12:45. I spoke with her briefly afterward during which I introduced myself. She gave me the e-mail address of someone selling their textbook. Having been let out early I had some time before I was to meet Ann for lunch. I stopped at the Gap and then sat down in the food court and finished a log entry before Ann arrived at 1:15. I got a shrimp po-boy. Having eaten I walked back with her to the bookstore so she could show me something. I left shortly after so I could go to work. I caught the Tulane bus, which arrived just after I got to the stop. The ride to work couldn’t have been more than 15 minutes. When I arrived I did the three reports that were waiting. A short while later I resumed work adding discharge dates to a patient database. I didn’t get far with that though. Dad picked me up around 5:30 and we went home. Later in the evening I started watching Throne of Blood, but I was tired and I was talking to a couple folks online so I didn’t get far. I was going to watch O Brother, Where Art Thou but the disc from Netflix was broken.

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