The Hero's Journey

I went to work with dad for a little while this afternoon before class this evening, but I really didn’t do too much in the line of work. I cleaned up a bit and did two reports though. Dr. Stevenson bought us lunch before we left the mid-city office for the day. Dad dropped me off uptown around three. Before class started I was in the Richardson lab for a while. I stopped by the laptop station to speak with someone about a problem with mine, I didn’t learn much. It did lead me to fixing it myself later. I was in the drawing board caf for a little while as well. I went to the classroom for tonight’s class about a half hour early. It was as good a place as any to surf the net, and it was quiet. Tonight’s class was ok. We discussed some basic elements of a movie and “the hero’s journey.” The professor showed a few minutes of Excalibur before the end of class at 7:50. I went to the Hebert building to meet Melanie after her class but it wasn’t even in that building anymore. Dad picked me up at 8:20. Before heading home, dad stopped by the office to pick up pay checks and a package. We also stopped at the bank so I could deposit my check at the ATM, as I was slightly overdrawn. On the way home we listened to the ongoing Tulane basketball game versus UAB. Tulane held a lead through most of the game but the score was tied by the end of regulation. We continued to listen to overtime after we got home. Tulane won with a three pointer at the buzzer by freshman Taylor Rochestie, putting Tulane on top 76-73. Later in the evening after I got home I read a little of the book for my review writing assignment before bed.

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