Pizza For Lunch, Pizza For Dinner

Dad dropped me off at the mall without too much time to spare this morning. This was the first day I was able to try using wireless internet access on campus with my laptop. It worked fine, for a while anyway. Marketing class went alright. Ms. Snell discussed competitive advantage among other things. After class I met Melanie uptown for lunch. I took the Magazine St. bus down to Napoleon to meet her at a school she’s doing some kind of work at. She picked out a pizza place for us to have lunch at but they were filming there so we walked further down Magazine to Reginelli's, another pizza place. We split a large pizza and some breadsticks. There were plenty of leftovers after we finished, which was fine since that would do fine for dinner. After we finished I walked her back to the school and took the same bus back downtown. I took a seat in the Hyatt for a short while and typed up some back entries for the log and then walked to the mall and eventually got back to the school for my evening class, the history of rock and roll. I was told I really missed nothing during the first week of class. During this session, the professor discussed the earliest roots of rock and roll, discussing events as far back as 1718. Dad picked me up after class. It took a short while for him to get there as he was coming from uptown. I didn’t really do much after I got home.

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