Short Class

Before leaving the house this morning I watched the important parts of the presidential inauguration. Dad dropped me at the mall at 11:30. I bought a couple books for my history of rock and roll class before today’s started. Ms. Snell just finished up chapter 2 during this afternoon’s session. Class was dismissed at 12:30. I called Melanie after class as she said she might meet me for lunch today, but I think I woke her up when I called. I had lunch at McDonalds and then took a bus to work. I didn’t have the same lunch with the wait as I did on Tuesday. When I arrived at 1:30 I had a couple reports to do. After I finished those I continued working on the patient database project I had been working at over the last week or so. I finally finished it today. Not too long after doing so, mom picked me up to go home. On the way, we stopped my some lady’s house whose name escapes me. Anyway, she’s the lady my mom buys her glasses from. She stopped by to get new frames and have a lens replaces on Andrew’s pair. We were there for a half hour, after which we made it home. I cooked some soft tacos for dinner. I typed up a short essay for Ms. Snell’s class this evening.

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