Movies In and Out of Class

I went to work with Dad this morning but never really did much as I wasn’t there long. I got lunch from the deli shortly before leaving. Dad took me uptown around noon. I had over five hours to kill and I did my best. I first stopped at the bookstore to have another look at my textbooks. I also browsed the rest of the store and some other books. After leaving there I walked to Richardson to use the computer lab for a while. I was there for a couple hours, doing nothing of circumstance. I left there around four. I got a sandwich from The Drawing Board and sat outside with a magazine for a while. After taking a short walk I went back to the lab for a few minutes and then walked to the Norman Mayer building for my evening class, Art and Craft of Film. Melanie stopped by briefly before having to go to her class. While we were speaking I realized I lost the little case for my headphones. She walked with me to Richardson where I found it at the desk I was using earlier. We then went to our respective classes. When I got back to Mayer there was a problem with the room assignments. There was also an Intro to Media Arts class scheduled in the same room. As it turns out we were in another room. As I recall, there was the exact same mix up when I took Media Arts last semester involving the same rooms in the same building. The film class was interesting at least. The professor has a rather high pitched voice that I think I will find distracting throughout the semester. After a brief over of the class and a short pre-test, we watched Bonnie and Clyde, an unimpressive film in my opinion that the professor said she likes to show at each first class. The session was dismissed after the movies abrupt ending. Melanie had walked in to my class after hers finished. We had planned to see a movie after class and we did. Melanie’ dad was waiting for us when we got out, he gave us a ride to the Elmwood Palace. This was my first time meeting her father, who seems like an easy-going person. I would have expected some sort of conversation as I am dating her daughter, but he didn’t have a single question for me. After getting dropped off we found the movie we were going to see wouldn’t start for a while so we went to see Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events instead. The movie was just about to start as we walked in. The theater was sparsely occupied so I think we lucked out. I like to arrive early to get a good seat but that was no problem tonight. It was an interesting and amusing movie with a nice story and a unique environment. After the movie Melanie called a cab home. We both rode to her house. I had intended to take the bus the rest of the way. The buses were not running; hardly surprising as it was after midnight. I walked to St. Charles Avenue to see if the streetcars were running but they did not seem to be in service late either. I called a cab and waited at the steps of Gibson Hall. I was talking to Khadijah on the phone when the cab arrived but I didn’t try to talk over the music that was playing in the car. I wanted to pay by credit card when I arrived. There was some hassle with it but I was able to. During the cab ride I learned that I left my keys home. I was lucky to find a hidden key, as I had never looked for it before. I was just given general directions. I was also lucky to get inside as the key to the back door isn’t very useful as it’s hard to unlock the door, the knob is generally jammed but I was fortunate to have little trouble. When I got in I found the wireless internet card that I won on eBay. I had no trouble getting it to work in my laptop. I called Khadijah again when I got home and we talked for a while before I went to sleep around three.

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