History and Public Relations

Dad dropped me off at the New Orleans Center before heading to work this morning. I had two new classes today, the first of which is Principles of Public Relations. I only signed up for the class as it pertains to my major of Media Arts. I was rather disappointed with the first session. While the professor seems like a nice person, she seems to take herself and the subject matter far to seriously. The class was kinda crowded with about 18 other students. Hopefully I’ll be able to replace this class. After class ended early around 12:40, I wandered around the mall for a bit before taking a seat in the food court to meet Ann for lunch. She showed up around quarter after. I last saw her when last semester ended in early December. From what she told me, thing were rather unchanged since we last spoke. With over a month gone by, I did have some things to say myself. After lunch I walked back with her to the bookstore and then went to wait for the shuttle bus to go uptown for this evening’s class. As always, I had lots of time to kill. I went to the ATM and then the bookstore to check up on the books I’d be needing. The history class had five books including a textbook. The PR class has one textbook for $120. There is no textbook for review writing and Melanie already provided me with the text for Art & Craft of Film. I didn’t buy any books today, there was no way I was going to stand in the enormous line to pay for overpriced books. Having left the bookstore I walked to the Richardson building to pass the time in the computer lab for a while. I was in there for a few hours. While there I won a slip case for my new laptop on eBay. I left the lab about a half hour before my evening class started, US History 1865 to present. This class was the most crowded I had seen yet, although not so bad compared to a lot of colleges. There were 32 other students. While history is a casual interest of mine, I was very disappointed with this particular class. In short, it was rather boring. The professor, who I assume is a nice person, did a poor job in conducting the class in my opinion. The format of the proceedings seemed unusually dull. Thirty minutes of class time was spent by the professor conjuring typed of primary sources of historical information from the students. For a half hour, things like court documents, speeches, film and other such things were mentioned. Later in the class he had us read the Declaration of Independence, after which we ‘discussed’ things like Thomas Jefferson’s biases and agenda. Class was not exactly dismissed early, we were released shortly after eight o’clock. I met dad at The Boot. After I finished the drink that was waiting for me, we went home. I got home around nine, after which I used the computer for a while. I talked to Khadijah on the phone in the evening. Ami also called tonight to tell me she purchased plane tickets to New Orleans so she will actually be coming to town to visit for Mardi Gras after having been in Arizona for well over a year. I was pretty surprised because I was never entirely convinced she’d ever come to visit. Late in the evening I tried to start to read a novel ‘assigned’ to me in review writing class, but I quickly grew tired and went to be shortly after one.

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