First Review Feedback

I woke up with an unusual pain in my left stomach this morning but it passed before long. Before leaving for work this morning I watched the episode of Enterprise that I missed from Friday. On the way to the office, Dad and I stopped at Dillards in the mall as he was looking for a particular pair of pants, which he was unable to find in his size. When I got to work, I had a little filing related work to do. Dad left the office around one for an appointment. I remained at the office until around five, when dad took me to school for tonight’s class. Most of this evening’s review writing class dealt with the book reviews we did last week. She went over a number of ours and pointed out numerous flaws in each, including mine. After that, we got some time to revise our work based on the suggestions we received. She also lectured a short while after that. We were dismissed about ten minutes late. Dad was waiting for me and took me home. He went back to the office earlier after he dropped me off this evening. I got something to eat after getting home. Later in the evening I watched the Carnivale episode I recorded on Sunday before going to bed.

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