First of Second

I went to work with Dad this morning… barely. We left after 11. I spend the workday doing some filing related work. Dad wanted patient discharge dates in a patient spreadsheet to he can selectively inquire attorneys about patient case status. This involved going through every unsettled case on file. I worked on it until we left a little after five, I got about halfway through. After Don left the office for his usual visit, Dad took me to Tulane for my first class of the second semester, Review Writing with Julia Houston, who happens to be my student advisor. It was an interesting introductory class. She of course discussed what was the class was about. We read parts of various movie reviews, good and bad, discussing each. There was a 'speed dating' exercise after the break in which we discussed various innocuous topics with a classmate for a few minutes; the other person would then grade certain personality traits. At the end we had about 10 people’s opinion about how we perceived in various respects. Before class ended, rather late I might add, she literally tossed a random book at each of us so we could read it and write a review on it, due in two weeks. Class ended around 8:45. Dad had waited for me to finish as he wasn't expecting this fist class to last very long. That obviously was not the case and I kinda felt bad for him, waiting in the car so long. On the way Dad and I stopped at Wal-Mart so he could pick up some groceries for the house and the office. After I got home I was on the computer on and off for a while before going to bed around 2 AM.

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