Spinning Rides and Karaoke

This afternoon I joined Shani and Bianca to go to the Superfair and later in the quarter. My heart really wasn't in it at the fail, as there was hassle getting in and I recalled a much more colorful experience at last year's fair. After having our fill of funnel cake and spinning cages, we left around 6:30. I guess I felt better in the evening, most of which we spent in the Cat's Meow. It'll be a cold day in hell when I get up on stage but it was fun watching others. I also had my camera and 'new' 35-70 f4 zoom lens to keep me occupied. It should be interesting to see how it performs, especially in a low-light environment. After leaving there we stopped in a few other places, and lastly McDonald's on the way to the car and home.

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