Work, a Movie, and Dinner

I went to work for a little while this morning. There wasn't really anything to be done aside from a little cleaning. A little later in the afternoon my dad dropped me off at Canal Place to meet Christy for a movie. I was early so I walked around for a while and got an ice cream cone to pass the time. She showed up on time and we saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I must say the film far exceeded my expectations. I thought the screenplay was superb. We decided to get some dinner afterward and started wandering around the quarter for a restaurant. We eventually sat down in La Madeline, but after looking at the sparse menu, I just didn't feel like having a sandwich so we left. We eventually came across a place called Rita's and stopped there. The food was decent enough, albeit a little overpriced. I had the crawfish etouffee, which was pretty good, and a perfectly sized dish. I had some bread pudding for dessert, which was average. We walked towards canal after leaving the restaurant. When we got to Canal St, I made a remark wondering how long it takes the streetcar to reach the cemetery, and Christy suggested we find out. It took a few minutes for the next car to arrive. The new streetcars are rather nice with air-conditioning and a rather smooth ride. It only took about 15 minutes to reach the cemetery. The trip back was over twice as long though. After getting back where to where we started we went to wait for the bus. We were waiting for a while. Christy didn't feel like waiting any longer and we caught a cab home.

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