Job Interview and Lunch

I had a job interview in Metarie today for a small computer repair firm. I'm not sure that it went too well, but the place is pretty far from my house they received over 200 resumes so I wasn't expecting much anyway. While we were in that part of town, my dad picked up his camcorder that was recently repaired. I called Ann and arranged to have lunch. Before my dad dropped me off, we stopped at Albertson's in Mid-City to get some things for his office. The store was closing down and they were having a liquidation sale. It was rather sad to see a brand new store close down. After leaving there I got dropped off at the mall since there was some time before lunch. While there I bought a couple of games for my Xbox. I eventually made my way to Purple Rose's for lunch. I was early and I had a newspaper to keep occupied. Ann showed up on time and we had lunch. She said my old boss had expressed interest in my returning to the bookstore, which I found somewhat amusing. I actually wouldn’t mind at all provided there was a small raise and better hours. I took the bus home after lunch. I don't remember anything of circumstance in the evening.

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