Friends in Town

I was expecting a rather dull day at home, but it turned out alright. Bianca and Toni are in town for Easter. Bianca didn't feel like sitting home all day either, so her, Toni and I decided to walk around the quarter for a while. The weather was nice, a bit warm, exacerbated by the dark clothing I was wearing. I didn't have clean light colors. I brought my 'new' camera with me to try out. After taking the ferry we parked next to the Jax Brewery and walked over to Cafe Du Monde for some beignets. Having satisfied the need for the best doughnuts in the world, we walked back towards the Riverwalk. Bianca wanted to get a 'mardi gras doll' for a cousin or something. We walked through the mall for a while, stopping in stores and such. Bianca got her doll. Toni had a leather bracelet made with her name engraved. I saw the laziest of my former bookstore co-workers, Catasha, and said hi. Having walked through the rest of the mall, we ended up at the food court. I got some ice cream and a Coke, the girls got Chinese. Shockingly enough, neither of them came close to finishing their food. We then proceeded out of the mall towards Jackson Square as Bianca wanted to check out a couple of little shops. After wandering around some more we went back to the car to go home. Shani called us as while we were waiting at the ferry landing and ended up making arrangements for an evening movie with all of us. On the way home I dropped off the roll of film that I had just exposed. I think there might be at least one good shot on it. Khadijah called me during the hour or so while I was at home and we spoke briefly. I wasn't expecting to hear from her as she is currently visiting family in Texas. Shani soon picked me up and we went to the theater. I regret to admit having went to see “The Prince and Me,” a dull and predictable chick flick and lousy rip-off of “The Princess Diaries,” another ridiculous movie. Sorry-excuse-for-a-film notwithstanding, it was nice to see some friends again. It was quite nice to be out of the house given the events previous in the week.

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