Finally Got the Frames

Today being Good Friday, both my parents were off of work. My cousin Arien visited at the house today. It felt like Saturday with some housework going on and such. I was rather tired most of the day and I spent the afternoon lying in bed listening to Rush on the radio. Later in the evening my mom, brothers, and I went to the store for groceries, among other things. I bought some film so I could finally start using my new camera, as well as some batteries for the winder that's on the way. I also wanted some poster frames as they've been sitting unused since I got them. They didn't have what I wanted at Wal-Mart so I had to get the frames from Walgreen's on the way home. So after getting home I spent the rest of the evening cutting the poster frames to size, they were six inches to long. I've done this before and I had a good x-acto knife this time so it was alot easier. I suppose I'll take new pictures of my room before long to reflect those additions.

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