Finally, Something to Do.

Monday and Tuesday passed without incident. I was at home both days. It rained pretty good. I went to work with Dad this morning. I picked up the pictures I took last Saturday. It was my first roll on my 'new' camera, and they came out pretty decent. They can be seen here. Some filing and cleaning needed to be done at the Mid-City office. I got this filing and computer work done around noon. At about one, I met Ann from the bookstore for lunch at the usual place. She brought Sharon with her, a mild surprise. The fried catfish was better than last time; I think they switch the batter ingredients on a whim. She called last Saturday, seemingly pretty happy. I thought they fired Renee or something but things aren't so peachy over there, as Ann is always very through in describing. After lunch I caught the bus back up Tulane Ave. and back to work. I cleaned the floors and cleared out the hallway and a closet, and that was pretty much it.

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