March 2004

Voodoo vs. Cobras

I did some chores in the morning. Uncle Larry, an accomplished handyman, came by the house today to fix an apparent water leak in the kitchen. Water was pooling in the corner of our dining room. My cousin Arien came by the house this afternoon to spend some time with the family. My dad grilled some hamburgers for lunch and we ate the outside. The weather was quite pleasant today. This evening Dad, Andrew, Arien, and I went to see the New Orleans Voodoo play the Carolina Cobras. This was my first arena football game, and I wasn't disappointed. Our seats were 3 rows from the field, on side an end zone. The smaller field and proximity to the action make the close-quarters experience pretty fun. The Voodoo won 48-31 in a typically high scoring game. I was taking pictures throughout the game. I got a few good pictures but it's hard to hold the camera still to get a usable shot, especially when the zoom is tightened. The shutter lag on the Sony DSC-P8 was also bothersome. Problems like this justify my affection for my manual film camera. After the game there was an autograph session where the fans can mingle with the players and cheerleaders and get autographs. After leaving that we drove to Gentilly to drop off my cousin and then went home. I won an aution for another 50mm f1.4 lens.

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At Work on Friday

I went to the Mid-City office with my dad but didn't have much to do today. My brother came home for the weekend again, but he's just here for his SAT test.

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I was at home all day and nothing of circumstance occured. It was cloudy today, but cool and pleasent. The weather the past few days has been quite nice. I watched “Fargo” this evening. It was a great movie, which I found to be rather amusing considering the subject matter.

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Work – The Life of David Gale

I went to work with my dad today. He needed a spreadsheet updated for tax reasons, while basically involved taking numbers from patient's bills in their files. Later in the evening I watched “The Life of David Gale,” a compelling film involving the death penalty.

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Lens Arrived… Not That It Matters

My new 50mm f1.4 lens came for my camera today. Unfortunately I damaged it while I was attempting to clean it. one of the lens elements flew out of the barrel when I was vlowing come compressed air into the assembly. It chipped on the edge and was dented several times within the middle. It was rather foolish of me to attempt to clean it, as it wasn't really necessary. I'll probably buy a replacment tomorrow.

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CAmera and Posters Arrived

My OM-PC and posters came in the mail today. Aside from the usual job searching routine I spent some time cleaning up the camera. It really just needed a through dusting. The fil advance lever was rather loose so I fixed that. I was pleased to find that the foam seals were intact and in good condition. The seals on my equally old OM-10 disintegrated. I made some spaghetti for dinner.

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Lawnwork and Liuzza's

This afternoon passed with some general chores, and later I moved the back lawn. I finally found my swiss army knife on the ground near the fusebox. I must have dropped it there when I was changing them on the evening of the 6th. We had intended to see a movie but didn't find anything worth seeing this evening. We all went to Liuzza's for dinner in Mid-City. I had the lasangne and everyone else had sandwiches. The food was quite good and reasonable. To make up for the movie we went to blockbuster. My mom got “Radio,” which we watched this evening, and I got “To Kill a Mocking Bird.” After watching the movie I fooled around on the computer for a while and went to bed.

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Lunch with A Former Co-worker

Wednesday and Thursday passed without incident. I regret I've neglected this log again. On Friday morning I applied at a new bookstore that is taking place of the vacant Books-a-Million building at the mall. Then I went to work with dad for a short while, did some routine things. I met Ann, a co-worker from the bookstore for lunch at Purple Roses, where I always ate during my tenure at the medical bookstore. I had the catfish special, my favorite dish there. It was like most other lunches we've had together. She bitched about her job and I interjected when in the rare event I had something on-topic to add. After lunch I mentioned I would probably go to the mall, and that was her destination as well so we both ended up going. The bus got there rather quickly. We wandered around for a couple hours, with most of our attention set on purses. She eventually picked one out from one of the carts in the walkway. I took the bus home after leaving, and then an uneventful evening ensued, with the mild exception of Jeff getting into town.

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Nothing to Report

There really isn't much to speak of today. I'm only posting because I got to this page by accident. I found an ad in the paper today for a bookstore with openings so i'm gonna check it out tomorrow.

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Looking at Cameras

After church, I spent most of the day on ebay looking at cameras and such. I want to replace my Olympus OM-10 body and get a new, faster lens. I finished watching 'Dune' in the evening, one of the most incoherent movies I've ever seen. I also spoke with a friend on the phone for a good while.

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The Mall, Chinese, and Crawfish

The rest of the week passed without incident. I spent some tine adding to my music collection. Today I went to the mall and to an early dinner this afternoon with Shani, Jessica, and her sister, Ashley. We made our rounds through the 'girl' stores and then stopped by the Gap and I bought two shirts and some jeans. Afterwards we went to a Chinese place on Manhattan and then home. In the evening some family stopped by and we had boiled crawfish for dinner. Late that evening I started watching 'Dune.'

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Dinner at Mandina's

I went to work with my dad for no remarkable reason aside from being in a convienent place to be picked up for dinner alter in the evening. Shani and I went to Mandina's for dinner. We both had the fried shrimp po-boy, which was quite good.

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Going to Work…More or Less

I went to work with my dad today and did practically nothing. I watched “As Good as it Gets” in the evening.

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The Passion of the Christ

I didn't do much after church. I went thorough some things I downloaded overnight and generally just laid around. At about nine, Khadijah, Bianca, and I went downtown and decided to see “The Passion of the Christ” at Canal Place. I didn't really buy in to much of the hype but I was expecting a unique experience, and I got it. It fit the bill as an authentic and violent depiction. It was disturbing to watch but I can't say I was 'moved.' After the movie we wandered the quarter until we found a restaurant that was open after midnight, Deja Vu. We were there for a little while, as the service was slow, but polite. After we left there we caught a cab home. There certainly isn't any shortage of them in that part of town.

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