Lunch with A Former Co-worker

Wednesday and Thursday passed without incident. I regret I've neglected this log again. On Friday morning I applied at a new bookstore that is taking place of the vacant Books-a-Million building at the mall. Then I went to work with dad for a short while, did some routine things. I met Ann, a co-worker from the bookstore for lunch at Purple Roses, where I always ate during my tenure at the medical bookstore. I had the catfish special, my favorite dish there. It was like most other lunches we've had together. She bitched about her job and I interjected when in the rare event I had something on-topic to add. After lunch I mentioned I would probably go to the mall, and that was her destination as well so we both ended up going. The bus got there rather quickly. We wandered around for a couple hours, with most of our attention set on purses. She eventually picked one out from one of the carts in the walkway. I took the bus home after leaving, and then an uneventful evening ensued, with the mild exception of Jeff getting into town.

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