Voodoo vs. Cobras

I did some chores in the morning. Uncle Larry, an accomplished handyman, came by the house today to fix an apparent water leak in the kitchen. Water was pooling in the corner of our dining room. My cousin Arien came by the house this afternoon to spend some time with the family. My dad grilled some hamburgers for lunch and we ate the outside. The weather was quite pleasant today. This evening Dad, Andrew, Arien, and I went to see the New Orleans Voodoo play the Carolina Cobras. This was my first arena football game, and I wasn't disappointed. Our seats were 3 rows from the field, on side an end zone. The smaller field and proximity to the action make the close-quarters experience pretty fun. The Voodoo won 48-31 in a typically high scoring game. I was taking pictures throughout the game. I got a few good pictures but it's hard to hold the camera still to get a usable shot, especially when the zoom is tightened. The shutter lag on the Sony DSC-P8 was also bothersome. Problems like this justify my affection for my manual film camera. After the game there was an autograph session where the fans can mingle with the players and cheerleaders and get autographs. After leaving that we drove to Gentilly to drop off my cousin and then went home. I won an aution for another 50mm f1.4 lens.

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