Spiral Notebooks and Middle-Eastern Food

The uptown bookstore needed was out of spiral notebooks so I shipped all of our overstock to them, along with some other things. That took up most of the day, as there were 17 boxes. The regional manager was in the store today. She said she met with people from the medical school who had some rather harsh things to say about the store. I was pretty surprised that anyone would think service in the store was as hideous and she described. I didn't eat much for lunch as I was to eat with a friend after work. Shani and I went to Mona's Cafe on her suggestion. It's a small middle-eastern restaurant at the end of the French Quarter. The food was ok but I didn't really care for it. I had a catfish dish with a salad and humus. Late in the evening I watched Hitchcock's “Frenzy.”

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