Looking at Paper, Writing Down Numbers

My routine of scrounging for things to do was interrupted my a little favor for Ann, one of my coworkers who handles accounting for the store. After making some copies I offered assistance for whatever and she asked me to write some things down that the store manager needed, basically a summary of all the store's bank deposits in the last two months. Like most audit-related inquiries, it was frivolous. I was more than willing to help, as a change of pace was welcome and Ann has far more pressing things to do. That task was reasonable uninterrupted throughout the day. Ann and I went to lunch together at about 2:30, pretty late for me. I didn't do much after lunch. I was only about half-done with my task so I will finish tomorrow. I had planned on starting college Wednesday but I guess I never really followed through on that so I will begin next fall. I will find more work, or perhaps a better job in the interim. I can use the time to make more money and prepare adequately. It's shameful procrastination on my part but I believe things will work out fine.

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