November 2003

The Matrix Revolutions at the IMAX

I spent the evening with some friends who will soon be leaving town to go back to school. With the surprise addition of another person, we ended up changing our plans. After dinner at Piccadilly, we said goodbye to our late addition and finally decided to go see The Matrix Revolutions at the IMAX theater. I was the only one who'd seen it before, and the unique venue justified the 3rd viewing. We were able to get a ride home after taking the ferry.

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Thanksgiving Day

This was the gloomiest Thanksgiving Day I can remember, weather wise anyway. It rained most of the day. I spent the day with my immediate family and a grandmother. My parents cooked dinner, which turned out rather well. In the evening I went to the movies with my father and brothers. We saw “Master and Commander.” I must say the movie was rather entertaining, although it did jump around a bit due to unremarkable editing.

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Lots of Returns

Things were a bit busy at work today, although I was often grasping at straws to looks busy. Two people from the uptown store came by to help with some book returns. We have many books waiting to be shipped back and this was just another day of chipping away.

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Chilly Monday

Today was as cold a day as I can remember this year, today's high was 57F, and it was windy. I'll be brining a jacket to work tomorrow. Work was a bit dull today, there wasn't much doing on. I boxed up some things and put new labels on some books, and then replaced those labels because I was given erroneous instructions… just a remarkable day all around.

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update to come

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Last Tulane Home Game and Dinner with Friends

The day started with breakfast, after which my dad and I gave a friend a ride to the airport. Traffic was heavy, although we were rather lucky, and the entire eastbound interstate was blocked for construction soon after we passed. We went to Tulane’s last home game in the afternoon. Turnout was rather bleak, which is hardly surprising considering they lost so many games, and the big LSU game was on TV. Tulane beat ECU 28-18. A win is a win, but seeing as how ECU is 1-10, it's nothing to be too proud of. Shortly after getting home, I got a phone call asking if I wanted to join some friends for dinner. I accepted and I and six others had dinner at a Chinese buffet. Naturally, I wasn't very hungry and didn't eat too much. After making a scene and leaving, we had to drop off one person. The rest of us decided to go bowling, went to the bowling alley, and then decided they didn’t want to bowl. As an alternative we went to Chevy’s to hang out there for a while.

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Friday in the Quarter

I took the day off of work as I was going to spend some time with some friends in town. I spent the first half of the day cleaning up around the house. Me and two friends later went across the river to meet someone else. We made our way from the Riverwalk to the Hard Rock Cafe, where we had dinner. After eating, we wandered down to Bourbon Street, and soon ended up in th Cat's Meow, a karaoke bar. We spend most of the evening there. Seeing my friends on stage was the high point. After leaving, myself and two others stopped at McDonalds before heading home.

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Mall After Work

After work, we went to the mall, as my mom wanted to check out a big sale at Mervyn's. I ended up buying a shirt, watch, and a pair on shoes. I didn't especially need a watch, it was an impulse buy I soon regretted and eventually got to like. I've been wearing the same shoes for far too long so that was an overdue purchase.

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Soggy Tuesday

This morning was rather lousy, with several small annoyances and lousy weather, windy and rainy. After getting to work, my patience was further tested with some problems with the register. And a rude co-worker was icing on the cake. However, it's hard to complain as there are other people with real problems, and by lunch time I was in a good mood again.

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Shorter Monday

Work went without too much hassle today. We had a few boxes of clothing that needed to be stocked, and I spent the better part of the workday reorganizing, folding, hanging, etc. I didn't have much to do after that. My hours were cut a bit so now I'm leaving an hour before close. I guess it's just was well, as I was hardly working during that hour anyway.

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Church, Halo, Mall, Movies, Halo… In That Order

After church, I spent some time playing Halo on the computer. I hadn't spent any time on it in a few weeks. I ended up spending the afternoon and evening with some friends. Someone I've become 'good friends' with was in attendance, I wasn't expecting to see her again so that was nice. I was introduced to a new 'friend of a friend' with a familiar name, she seemed like a nice person. We went to the mall for a while, and kinda just left, as the mall closes early on Sunday. We went to see a movie after, “Scary Movie 3.” It wasn't exactly a cinematic masterpiece, but it was funny and it was the only movie that started soon after arriving at the theater. After getting home, I played a little more Halo, making no progress, watched Carnivale, and went to bed.

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Dinner and a Movie with Mommy and Daddy

I spent some of the morning hours at my dad's office, doing some odd jobs. I came home in the afternoon and got a few things done, including going to vote in the governor's election. That evening me and my parents went to dinner. We ate at a Thai place, a variety of food new to me. After that, we went to see “Runaway Jury.” The premise was facinating but the real fun was seeing my home town as the setting. I've only seen a handful of movies that take place in New Orleans, but this one did the best job. We stopped at Barnes & Noble afterward, and I bought a couple books I didn't need.

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Standard-Issue Week

The past week has passed without catastrophic incident. Work has been fine, although I find myself less needed around the store, and I found at the end of the week that I'd be working 5 less hours a week. On Monday and Tuesday nights, I had some rather pecuilur rashes on my upper body, whose discomfort prevented me from sleeping. I spent a few evenings working on my new website, and have made some considerable progress.

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Workin' for Doc

I spent most of the evening helping a doctor that works for my dad get some things set up in his apartment, including a computer and some assorted TV and stereo equipment. There was alot more lifting involved than I would have liked but it was more than bareable, and the compensation for my time was adequate.

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