Church, Halo, Mall, Movies, Halo… In That Order

After church, I spent some time playing Halo on the computer. I hadn't spent any time on it in a few weeks. I ended up spending the afternoon and evening with some friends. Someone I've become 'good friends' with was in attendance, I wasn't expecting to see her again so that was nice. I was introduced to a new 'friend of a friend' with a familiar name, she seemed like a nice person. We went to the mall for a while, and kinda just left, as the mall closes early on Sunday. We went to see a movie after, “Scary Movie 3.” It wasn't exactly a cinematic masterpiece, but it was funny and it was the only movie that started soon after arriving at the theater. After getting home, I played a little more Halo, making no progress, watched Carnivale, and went to bed.

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