Last Tulane Home Game and Dinner with Friends

The day started with breakfast, after which my dad and I gave a friend a ride to the airport. Traffic was heavy, although we were rather lucky, and the entire eastbound interstate was blocked for construction soon after we passed. We went to Tulane’s last home game in the afternoon. Turnout was rather bleak, which is hardly surprising considering they lost so many games, and the big LSU game was on TV. Tulane beat ECU 28-18. A win is a win, but seeing as how ECU is 1-10, it's nothing to be too proud of. Shortly after getting home, I got a phone call asking if I wanted to join some friends for dinner. I accepted and I and six others had dinner at a Chinese buffet. Naturally, I wasn't very hungry and didn't eat too much. After making a scene and leaving, we had to drop off one person. The rest of us decided to go bowling, went to the bowling alley, and then decided they didn’t want to bowl. As an alternative we went to Chevy’s to hang out there for a while.

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