March 2004

Well uh… An Eventful Evening

During the day I did some chores and sat around. This evening my parents went to see Aaron Neville perform so I was stuck babysitting my little brother. Khadijah and Andrey came by to visit so we could watch a movie and such. Shani and Juan later showed up unannounced to discuss some issues with Kali. The discussion eventually got more headed than I was willing to tolerate and I asked Shani and Juan to leave. Khadijah ended up speaking with Shani alone for quite some time and they got things settles and left. Khadijah, Andrey, and Bianca stayed over to visit some more and didn't leave until quarter to one. Oh, and throuout all the peace talks that were going on, Andrey and I watched “The Boondock Saints.”

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Late Night Movie

Most of the day passed without incident. I had intended on spending the day with a number of friends but that didn’t work out. Finally at about quarter to ten I and Khadijah decided to go to the movies. We got a ride from my dad who was willing to do the favor in return for my babysitting services tomorrow. We saw the 10:30 showing of Hidalgo, an epic adventure type movie. It's about an American horse rider who is invited to an endurance race across 3,000 miles of the Arabian desert. I enjoyed the movie and didn't find the pacing to be an issue.

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Late Dinner and a Movie

This morning I got some general chores done, cleaned up my room a bit, did some laundry, etc. Khadijah came over in the afternoon to visit for a while. I walked back with Khadijah to her house and waited around there for a while until we patched some plans together to do to dinner with some friends. A new friend of Kali's and Bianca came and we went to Venezia again, where I went a few weeks back. I had the crawfish pasta, which was good. I took more home than I ate though. After dinner we drove over to the clearview theater. Me and Bianca saw “Welcome to Mooseport,” hardly classic but it was funny enough. Khadijah and her friend saw “Twisted.” After that we went home and I went right to bed, as it was rather late and I had a headache.

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Cleaning and Reading

Monday and Tuesday were rather dull days, I was just around the house, doing various things including looking for work. Today I went to work with my dad. There was some filing to do and some things needed to be cleaned up, light bulbs needed to be changed, etc. I got a shrimp po-boy from a corner store nearby, and that kept me full for some time. IN the evening I watched “Tucker: The Man and His Dream,” a fascinating movie about Preston Tucker and his failed quest to bring a revolutionary automobile to market.

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Weekend at Home

I spent the whole weekend at home, passing the time by doing a bit of housework, fooling around on the computer, etc. I cleaned my closet out, quite an undertaking. I threw out a considerable amound of stuff and moved some other things to the attic.

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