Late Dinner and a Movie

This morning I got some general chores done, cleaned up my room a bit, did some laundry, etc. Khadijah came over in the afternoon to visit for a while. I walked back with Khadijah to her house and waited around there for a while until we patched some plans together to do to dinner with some friends. A new friend of Kali's and Bianca came and we went to Venezia again, where I went a few weeks back. I had the crawfish pasta, which was good. I took more home than I ate though. After dinner we drove over to the clearview theater. Me and Bianca saw “Welcome to Mooseport,” hardly classic but it was funny enough. Khadijah and her friend saw “Twisted.” After that we went home and I went right to bed, as it was rather late and I had a headache.

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