Denver in September

Today was the first of a five day trip to Denver with my friend Bianca.  Tropical Storm Lee was moving towards the Louisiana coast today, bringing substantial but intermittent rain since yesterday.  I wasn’t really worried about flight delays but I did think street flooding could keep us from the airport.  The ride to the airport turned out to be dry and uneventful.  The flight itself was fine, if a bit bumpy at the start.  After arriving in Denver, we caught a shuttle to Enterprise rent a car where we had a reservation… but there weren’t any cars.  Customers were at the mercy of returns.  When someone drove a car back… they rushed to clean it and offer it to the next one in line.  After waiting about an hour with one of the service reps who kept us company, we got a little Kia Rio, not what we were hoping for having reserved a mid-sized car, but after an hour, we were content with four wheels.

Bianca was anxious to attend a small charity event at the Mercury Café restaurant.  They held a live and silent auction for a battered women’s shelter and dinner was available.  Having partaken in some mediocre “organic” food, we drove down to our hotel and retired for the evening.

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