Nearly two months have passed since my last post.  Seeing a June date on my homepage after all this time has finally compelled me to throw another entry on here.  I had planned a nice little summary of my month of jury duty at Orleans Criminal District Court but I couldn’t muster the enthusiasm.  I don’t think I have any original ideas on the matter anyway.  Like a lot of people, I came away with what I considered to be an interesting experience, but not a desire to repeat it.  I served on two juries, both ended in guilty verdicts.  One was a daytime drive-by triple shooting.  The other was a gun and drug possession charge.  The most fascinating aspect of the whole thing was the deliberations were much more intense on the comparatively trivial drug charge case.  There were a few hours of intense discussion on that case whereas it took all of five minutes to deliberate the attempted murder case.

At the time of my last post I mentioned a change in my work situation with my little promotion at FOX 8.  Shortly thereafter I took a second job as a computer technician at a surveillance systems wholesaler.  I am building, repairing and providing tech support for their DVR servers.  It’s pleasant work that pays well but it is not stimulating like my job in live television.  In any case, the extra money should significantly alter my circumstances in the coming months.  It did force me to start driving regularly.  I’ve had a license for a few years now but have not made much use of it.  With just one job, taking cabs back and forth made some financial sense compared to owning a car, but three trips a day including one to Harahan and back… not so much.

There are two other things worth mentioning before I wrap this up.  First, my aunt Lauren has moved back to New Orleans after a few years residing in Florida post-Katrina.  The family and I helped unload her moving truck this past weekend.

Next weekend, I am going to Denver for a few days with my friend Bianca.  She is planning to move there in the future and wanted to check the place out and do some apartment hunting.  Bianca told me about the trip a few months back and I offered to tag along if she could not find another travel companion.  She came to visit a couple weeks ago and said she had not found anyone else so I bought plane tickets.  I have not been to Colorado since my family moved away in 1997.  It should be fun to see how things have changed and spend some quality time with my friend.  I’m sure I will muster at least one post about the trip… maybe even one for each day.

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