Nonna Mia

I worked on a couple more patient charts at the doctor’s office this afternoon. As a change of pace, Chander and I tried the pasta from a place called Nonna Mia on Esplanade. We each ordered a different pasta, neither of which were impressive quite frankly. I did take the leftovers for dinner at the station this evening. A second cop implicated in the Danizger bridge shooting incident led both the five and nine newscasts. We also covered the end of the Douglas Schantz story with his body recovered from the bottom of the Mississippi river this afternoon. Jennifer Hale was at the riverfront and did a live hit for Fox News Channel.I wrote a non “rest of” story for the nine about Janet Napolitano saying air travelers would continue to have to take off their shoes during security screening. It was not exactly news since there would be no policy changes but I did throw something in about shoe scanners used in other countries to make it marginally interesting. That story was killed and didn’t air although it was approved largely as I originally wrote it which was some consolation.The rest of my shift passed quietly, although apparently there was a homicide not long after I left for the evening.

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