Icy Dock

Dad and I made it to the office around noon today. I worked on a couple charts before heading to Fox this afternoon. Printing the five show was a comparatively subdued affair. I did not write any rest of stories today and generally was not busy between broadcasts. We are still doing a 10 PM newscast. The morning sports taping didn’t begin immediately after the news so I wasn’t done prompting until 10:50.The remainder of my shift passed quietly. Apparently some police detectives were poking around the steamboat Natchez pier on the riverfront this evening. Command desk and harbor police had nothing to tell me and they didn’t find anything tonight. The following morning, the body of the missing Houston oil executive was found there.After I got home this evening, I watched 24 from earlier today and set up an external hard drive enclosure I won on eBay recently. It arrived a little late and the seller included some Hawaiian Host chocolate covered macadamia nuts as consolation, a nice gesture. I also spoke to Krystle late this evening which backed my bed time up to 3 AM.

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