300 Bourbon Street

This entry begins another week without any writing. I don’t remember much from this past Thursday. I do recall class from last week. The professor finished his discussion from last week on the Korean War and he also spoke at some length about the Kennedy years.I think I took the day off on Friday… didn’t do much. I usually take Friday’s off now but Dad was interested in me being at home in case the gas company showed up. Apparently they turned off the gas due to some billing issue, although I think the balance was up to date. In any case, we didn’t have any hot water. They never did show up today and apparently it would be Monday before they did. That prospect and the ensuing drama were not appealing so that evening I decided to check into a hotel downtown for the weekend. I decided on the Royal Sonesta hotel on Bourbon Street. After I packed a small bag, I took a cab to the hotel around eight this evening. After cleaning myself up with the benefit of hot water, I went downstairs to the Irvin Mayfield Jazz Playhouse on the first floor of the hotel. Leon Brown was playing. I hung around there for a couple hours.I heard from Andrey earlier this evening who wanted to get a drink late this evening after I arrived back in New Orleans from an interview out of state. It was rather late before I actually met up with Andrey and David. At around 1:30, they picked me up on Decatur Street. We went down to Frenchman Street. We checked out a new place where Hookah Café once resided. Later on we walked down to d.b.a. and had a couple drinks there before calling it a night.

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