Argentine Tango

I took the day off yesterday to relax, catch up on TV watching and get some laundry done. I “accomplished” all those things. Today I went to the office and again didn’t have a great deal to do with no freshly released patient charts on my desk. Dad drove me down Canal Street at four so I could catch the uptown/downtown Tulane shuttle. I disembarked at the Reily Center so I could stop by and pickup a club sports pass for ballroom this semester.With that taken care of I went to the LBC for a while and worked on log entries. I went to the Hebert building for my history class around 5:30. This evening’s lecture covered the Indian wars and the Spanish-American War. Class was dismissed at around eight.After class I went to PJ’s on Willow to relax for a while before ballroom dancing this evening. There were about 50 people on hand for the first ballroom session of the semester. Turnout was half of last term but there was no club sports expo to advertise us.The first dance style we’re doing this term is argentine tango. I managed to stumble through the opening steps without stepping on any toes. Andrey and I left ballroom a couple minutes early to meet up with David and Patrick at the theater in Elmwood. Earlier in the evening I spoke with David and told me they were going to see a 10:05 showing of The Book of Eli. I didn’t want to show up late but between leaving a bit early and the trailers, we arrived in plenty of time.The film it self was pretty interesting. The plot demands that I not discuss the movie in any detail with someone who hasn’t seen it. I will say that I enjoyed the movie a great deal and I think it is a fine film. I have not walked out of a movie theater impressed in quite some time.After the movie I got a ride to the Boot and caught a cab home from there.

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