I don’t remember having any real work to do this afternoon at the doc’s office. I went to WVUE for four this evening. A lot of the script for the five o’clock news was late arriving, a source of mild frustration. I wasn’t in the mood for the leftover pizza from last night so I ordered sweet and sour chicken from Five Happiness instead. During the break between newscasts I wrote a “rest of” story regarding the rain and snow storms bombarding California. It was hard to write just 20 seconds of material when there was so much happening related to the bad weather there. There was flash flooding, mud slides, erosion of coastal cliffs, thousands without power and a 21 year-old man was killed in his sleep Monday when a huge tree was blown down and crushed his house. We also seemed to lack good video to put over the reading. I looked at available video on Pathfire and there was nothing particularly spectacular. We ended up airing aerial footage of vehicles driving through high water.I struggled with it for about an hour but I solicited some advice from Snell who again offered some good points. I did get the impression he was being too nice and holding back how he really felt. I didn’t like my first draft either.The nine o’clock news went well enough and my story made air. There were no major crimes on the scanners tonight although there was an apparent stabbing in the quarter. It was most curious because it was later remarked as a 103-F, a “fight.” Curious, to say the least. I quickly got a cab this evening. The driver was very polite and accommodating. I was a couple bucks short and I forgot to stop at an ATM on the way home. I talked to Krystle on the phone for a little while before bed.

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