As I am only working my day job two days a week at the moment, I had more than enough work to keep me busy Wednesday even though we were reasonably caught up with the reports. Yesterday evening I watched some TV and The Quiet Man.Today I spent a good deal of time with filing work at the office. We haven’t culled any settled cases from the files in months and I was able to draw out a box full. For lunch I went to the recently opened Theo’s Pizza on Canal Street. I’ve been to their location on Magazine a few times and liked it. Their pizza is good although pricey for lunch. I might try one of their sandwiches next week.During this evening’s practicum class, we went over some more student resumes including a couple revised ones. Following that there was a short lecture on resume and cover letter tips. Dad was waiting to pick me up when class was dismissed around 7:30. On the way to Tulane’s uptown campus I heard from Amy, a friend of Andrey’s who has a Thinkpad to sell. I arranged to meet her at the business school library. It needs work but is functional. She still had a lot of her data on it so I lent her my thumb drive and agreed to return later to pick it up.After a brief stop at the LBC I went to the Reily Center for ballroom this evening. This was the final week of Samba. As is typical with last week sessions, attendance was light. There were only about 15 people in attendance but it was still fun. There was only one new sequence this evening. The rest was review of previous material which I had a reasonably competent grasp of.After ballroom I walked back to the business school to pick up the laptop. In no hurry to go home, I went to Der Rathskeller in the LBC for something to eat before catching a cab home.

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