Cao and Trains

I arrived at Fox for 11 this morning. Both Nancy and Janette were both out of the office today so web editor Chris Finch was running the assignment desk with Jessica. There were enough stories on the board and a live remote complete with a field producer was planned for the Gretna Heritage Festival this afternoon. Wit plenty going on in the newsroom I was content to stay downstairs today.Around one, Chris gave me a press release from Sherrif Gusman about a bank robbery and had me turn it into an article for the Fox8 website. I’ve taken some journalism classes so this wasn’t foreign to me although I’ve never written a news story outside of a class assignment. I did reasonably well but I forgot to attribute the press release which is a pretty big mistake.Shortly after two I went with Avis to shoot a couple events in town. Congressman Joseph Cao was appearing at two railroad related events. The first we went to was an event for the New Orleans Public Belt in which they were basically thanking FEMA and the LRA support.The second was a press conference with Cao in front of the Union Passenger terminal in which Cao called on Governor Jindal to apply for federal funds to build a high speed rail line between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.I left for the day not long after I got back to the stadium around four. I probably should have arranged to stay later as they were still shorthanded this afternoon.Later this evening I spent a lot of time playing my ‘new’ ThinkPad. The LCD screen appeared to have several dead pixels near the bottom of the screen but close examination revealed it to be some sort of dirt under the top layers of the display. Prices for replacement LCDs are not favorable so I elected to take the screen apart and clean it.This was my first attempt dissecting a computer LCD screen. All the layers are rather fragile once you have the metal frame off so I had to be quite careful. The dirt was between the polarized film layers and the plastic backlight plate. The cleanup was quite successful and I’m much happier with my purchase now.

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