West Coast Swing

I got a haircut at 10 this morning and there was no rush to get to the office afterward so we arrived at work at 12:30 this afternoon. I didn’t have a great deal to do but I took care of what housekeeping tasks I did have. Having eaten more than I should have the day before, I debated skipping lunch and eventually gave in an ordered a toasted club sandwich from Theo’s, which was very good because it was good or because I was starving.Dad took me to Elmwood for class this evening. Everyone in the class now has an internship. After going around doing progress reports, we looked over a couple lingering student’s resumes before watching a short video about cover letters. I got a ride to campus uptown and sat at the Rat for a while before ballroom this evening. This was the first week of west coast swing. And we had a crowd of about 40 show up. Tammy showed up with dance partner of hers, Byron if I remember right, who served as co-instructor for the evening. He changed things up and had the guys rotate around to change partners, a serious disturbance in the force. As for the dance itself, I’ve been in ballroom long enough to try west coast a couple times so the steps jogged my memory although it’s nothing like riding a bike. I did well enough to have fun. When the session ended, Tammy and Byron gave a short and impressive dancing demonstration. I caught a cab from Willow and McAlister to go home.

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