Bar Hopping

I was at Fox from 11 to four this afternoon. I might have stayed later but a dinner date I had planned was cancelled so I didn’t have the cause to stay later than I thought I did. Like most Fridays, it was largely uneventful. One of the bigger local stories today was a press conference called by Mandeville Mayor Eddie Price where he announced his resignation.Just before I left for the day at four I ran the teleprompter for a live news tease. The newsroom decided to cover the Eddie Price press conference live at 4:30 and use the regular 30 second weather update at 3:59 to tease the press conference. Claudia took a couple minutes to show me how it’s operated last week so I was able to get by. I had the prompter running a couple minutes before going on air so Nancy Parker was good enough to let me practice a couple times. I did just fine on the actual run through.I got home around 4:30. We had spaghetti for dinner. Later this evening, I met Andrey and a couple of his friends downtown. Just before ten I arrived at the Ohm Lounge on St. Charles downtown. It’s a small, chic place although being adjacent to the lobby of the Royal St. Charles Hotel dents the intended ambiance. Andrey, Amy and his friend Romy who I met for the first time this evening arrived not long after I did. Not long after they showed up we were joined by Patrick and Chelsi who only stayed for a couple rounds before departing. Andrey was fond of the house DJ and the rest of us stayed for a good while longer.Our next stop was Whiskey Blue and the W Hotel. Most of us weren’t dressed for it but it’s so dark in there I doubt anybody noticed. After a mojito there we checked out the adjacent “living room” and explored some other parts of the hotel before heading back to Andrey’s car.He heard about a house party on Maple Street. Apparently it was the birthday party of a classmate he barely knows. I have not been to any great number of this sort of party but it did seem a bit typical, although there was a DJ. There was no furniture in the living areas and the floors were covered in plastic. We got there around one, apparently at the tail end of the frivolities. None of us really knew anyone and whatever decent alcohol there might have been was gone. Whatever was left was rather vile, frankly. We left after about 15 minutes. As we were leaving a TUPD cop walked in and we heard the rather loud music come to an abrupt end.We had planned to go to Andrey’s house for a little while after that but made a short impromptu stop at Phillip’s bar on Maple Street first. They would be closing soon and we only stayed for one round of pool. Following our brief stop there we went to Andrey’s house for a little while. We had a drink there and talked about different stuff including Andrey’s experiences at job fairs and the like. A little while after two, I called for a cab to go home. Amy and Romy came with me to be dropped off at their places nearby. I got home around three and went to bed.

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