VO Patrol

I arrived at Fox shortly before 11 this morning. I didn’t have much to do at the desk this morning. This afternoon, Nancy sent me out with Avis to do a short interview with Roger Villere and photograph some “real estate” Kenner related to a double shooting last night.I was a bit nervous about conducting an interview per se but it was no big deal. The questions don’t go on the air if an intern or photographer is doing the asking and the subjects generally know exactly what you’re going to ask and already have answers in mind so I would guess they almost always get the sound byte they want without incident. We met Mr. Villere at his florist shop off Veterans Blvd. and the whole thing only took about two minutes.With that in the can we drove out to Kenner and Avis shot some voice-over footage of duplex apartments in the area where a shooting occurred last night. There was no evidence that anything had taken place last night, not even caution tape. Before heading back to the studio we had to drive out to Harahan for some reason so Avis could take care of something. As we started heading back, Ms. Decorte called and sent us to do another interview with Cedric Richmond who announced his candidacy for congress next year. This and the Villere interview would both be VO/SOTs, which stands for voice over/sound on tape. During the newscast, an anchor will read some copy, a soundbyte will be played and the anchor will wrap up the story before moving on. We interviewed him at a law office slash UPS Store on Elysian Fields. Nancy gave me a couple questions over the phone. Most importantly, I asked why he was choosing to run for office. I also asked him why he was announcing so early, over a year before the November 2010 election. He decried partisan politics and said incumbent Joseph Cao was merely voting on the party line and lamented his no vote on the stimulus package.After returning to the studio I sat around for a little while and eventually in with Avis as he edited down the “real estate” footage and later with another editor who was doing the interviews we shot. That didn’t take long. Most of the time I spent observing, he was working on the super open, which promos the upcoming newscast with snippets of the main stories.At five o’clock I left for the day. Dad was waiting to pick me up. The HOV lane was closed today and traffic was heavier than usual. It took almost an hour to get home. I didn’t do much later this evening as I developed a headache after work. I did start watching a movie before Krystle called.

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