Work on Wednesday was pretty uneventful. Dad seemed to be reasonably caught up on reports so I got around to some housekeeping work that’s been on my desk for a while. Several months worth of checks were waiting to be entered into the computer and I spent a lot of time doing that among the distraction of other activites. That evening I broke down and upgraded to Trillian Astra and finished watching Bringing Out the Dead.Today, Dad and I arrived at the office after 11. Earlier this morning I was watching the conclusion of an eBay auction offering a Sony VAIO U101. I would have loved to have it, but not as much as a couple other people, apparently. Work was not particularly eventful. Some of the data entry was yet undone but I didn’t get to it today. Instead I have a couple patient reports and records to prepare. I also made a couple calls to the Reily Center this evening for a club sports pass. The assistant director, Allison, was very helpful and I was able to buy a pass over the phone rather than having to take time off of work and appear in person and I have in previous terms. After work, Dad dropped me off for class this evening in Elmwood.Tonight’s practicum class featured another around-the-table update on everyone’s internships or lack thereof. We had a couple class presentations to get through including one by a familiar face, David, another student I’ve seen in previous classes over the years. After a lecture about personality traits relation to career paths, Ms. Hart played an instructional video from the 90’s on resumes.After class, Dad was waiting to pick me up. He was kind enough to wait for me and take me to Tulane’s uptown campus for the first session of Ballroom dancing this semester.This was my first time being at the Uptown campus since last term. The McAlister Place project appears to be in full swing, converting the street and parking to a pedestrian walkway. This pretty much guarantees Tulane will remain a perpetual construction site through the five years I have been a student.With about a half hour to kill before ballroom this evening, I sat in the LBC for a little while and typed most of this. I walked to the Reily Center. There was quite a crowd milling about on the top floor. Luckily we are in the larger lakeside room this fall which was more apt to accommodate everyone. There were several familiar faces to say hello to as well as a plethora of new ones. I believe the count was 139.Tammy Clark is back as out instructor as well and samba is the first dance style of the term. It took me a little while to pick up the basic step. I usually depend on seeing the instructor but it was rather crowded and I seldom had a clear view. Megan, who’s recently returned from Europe, had a grip on things and showed me the how it was done. Later on when we moved on to a promenade step I was a bit lost again. I should be caught up next week though.Afterward I caught a cab home and had an interesting conversation with a long-time local who has been involved with several business ventures.

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