Wednesday at work was rather uneventful. I had some things to work on and didn’t leave myself much to do tomorrow. That evening I started watching The Kid Stays in the Picture and 25 minutes in I couldn’t keep my eyes open any more. I went to bed uncharacteristically early at nine.Having slept so thoroughly the night before I was up uncharacteristically early this morning, but there was no milk to have an uncharacteristic breakfast. Dad didn’t eat before we left either and he decided we were going to Betsy’s Pancake House, a fixture of New Orleans I’ve not visited before. I probably should have gotten a breakfast item which they are famous for but I got fried chicken and baked macaroni instead.I mostly had housekeeping work to do this afternoon and by the end of the workday I had a clean desk. This evening’s Practicum class was a continuation of the resume dissections we did last week. Attendance was light and there were only three to get through tonight including mine. There was some constructive criticism of my resume although I was expecting more radical suggestions. Class was dismissed just before 7:30.Dad was waiting to pick me up afterward. He went back to the office after dropping me off to do some work so I didn’t feel as bad about him agreeing to wait around. I was dropped off at the LBC around eight so I had plenty of time to kill. I spent a portion of it writing this.We had a healthy crowd at ballroom this evening… somewhere around 40 I suspect. I had trouble with both the old and the new material. Afterward I got a cab home although I did have to wait a while for it.

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