All Dressed Up

This weekend passed rather quietly at home, with the exception of Friday night. That evening I was about to settle into a night of movie watching when Andrey called me at eight. He told me to put on a suit, tie and be ready to be picked up in 30 minutes. I was rather bemused by the request but I didn’t have anything better to do. A short while later, Andrey and David arrived dressed as well as me and we went to the westbank Palace theater to see The Informant. There weren’t a lot of people around when we arrived so three dudes in suits at the movie theater didn’t make much of a scene. It was a funny movie and the viewing experience reminded me of Curb Your Enthusiasm in that it’s very funny but I often find myself covering my face, unable to watch the absurdity ensuing on screen.After the movie I was adamant that we went some place where a suit and tie were appropriate so we went to Melange at the Ritz-Carlton. It was about midnight when we arrived and the band was on break but Jeremy Davenport was scheduled to play until one so we saw some of him before last call.Following a couple rounds at the Ritz we honored tradition and stopped at Rally’s on the way to Andrey’s place. We hung out there until about 2:30 when I got a cab home.

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